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Hello everyone,

My name is julian sim. I am a full time freelance interior designer and interior decor consultant . I have been working as a interior designer for 13 years and had been help many people like - architects , contractors , interior designers, Event consultant, Brand consultant, furniture maker and home owners with their 3d visualization and home renovation. Sometime i also got request for product visualization.


Do you need to put your design ideas into 3d drawing . ? Are you looking for an interior designer  to plan do up the layout design ?
Do you know 3D artist and interior designer are 2 different things . People know how to draw might not be able to design or people know how to design may not know how to draw. As an interior designer  i know that a  study table height is 750mm and a chair is a 450mm and so on............. The basic details of the items is important and when you design and create it must make sense and able to serve the basic function .

 Are you looking for a 3d artist or a interior designer? 

I got many designers from  i.d firm calling me  for help with their 3d drawing. Do you need help with your project?

Lucky me I had both the skills  - design and 3d visual aid .  

Get in touch with me for a quote !

Any small or big project are welcome



Freelance interior designer
Julian sim 
3D artist
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